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You couldn't have been more perfect in your conducting of our meeting Rita.  I will forever credit you for the renewed and improved relationship I am developing with my daughter… Things got better after our meeting. It was one of the happiest moments I've ever had when we all got together again.

- All best wishes and many many thanks, Barbara

Being a caregiver for my wife has been overwhelming. Alzheimer’s is a fierce foe.

I don’t know what I would have done without your incisive ideas and kindness. You have helped me keep her at home and keep my sanity. Thank you.

-  Ian

You have definitely imprinted my life and I know things wouldn't be the same if I never met you and became aware. So thank you and I am grateful for you. You are often in my thoughts! Talk to you soon, I hope you are happy and healthy!

- Love, love, love, Ashley

You have done so much for us and we are extremely appreciative of your talents and of your generosity. We can’t thank you enough for the part you have played in our lives.

- Love always, Harvey and Bob


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful way you worked with us yesterday, you really made a difference. You have such a gentle way about you and are so full of information and anecdotal stories to help an individual realize that no matter how hard their lives are, there are worse out there. We are having a much better day. We feel so lucky that you have come into our lives.

- All our best, Marilyn

You provide such a nice, comfortable atmosphere, I'm always happy to recommend you to friends or colleagues.

- Allison

Wow! I got so much out of our session today!  Really starting to feel my body and beginning to understand more of the physical sensations that I have.

- Amy

I am so proud and excited by my progress and maturity and I thank you a million times over for your help. I know our relationship will be with me forever as I will never forget the many milestones we’ve experienced.

- Delia

Thank you for being there when I go through the pain, the joy, the growth, the pain… You’re a comfort to have in my life.

- Love, Janice

Thanks for believing in me.

- Danny


To hear an old song again/ to touch base with a part of myself again. To find a new part of oneself in a new song. It is all discovery. Touching base as the most solid ground there is, without moving an inch.

- Elizabeth

I always hear your voice at the back of my head, so I won’t forget to take care of myself because sometimes I feel spread a little too thin. Miss you when life’s a struggle, but I manage fine these days now that I have my little girl.

- Marie


I have this underlying source of peace now, and it feels like a soft white blanket… You have given me the tools – ears that listen to the sounds of internal waters, eyes that search for the truth and hands that were able to push me off of the ocean floor. Thank you. Your life and your work are invaluable.

- Jordan


You were a smash–We enjoyed the pleasure in watching you present, hearing you, and learning from and about you. Thank you for giving us your time, and congratulations. You are a star!

- Much warmth, Nancy & Jayne

Today is my sobriety date of one year. This would never have been possible without you and I wanted to say thank you.

- Dominic


I just wanted to say Thank You for being a friend to me. I have learned so much from you. I have learned so much about myself. Thank you for your care and love and humanity.

- In gratitude, Danielle


When our session ended, I went out for a walk and I thought about our “discovery.” I felt and feel wonderful and light and airy. I grinned non-stop today, and I love the way my face feels when I smile.

 - Ben


You helped us tremendously. We will always be grateful to you.

- Gina and Scott


A lot of the unpleasant and uncomfortable issues that have come up in our sessions have caused me to re-evaluate things… Our sessions are real eye-openers for me… The walls I’ve erected to protect myself are tumbling and I’m ready to let some love in…all of your warmth, caring and guidance are so much appreciated. Thanks for listening, caring, and helping me deal with my problems.

- Love always, Josh

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