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Bride’s Guide to Emotional Survival

Rita Bigel-Casher has just re-issued a really wonderful that's already sold 30,000 copies, dealing with the emotional side of weddings. Bride’s Guide to Emotional Survival  was featured on OPRAH.


You want it to be the wedding you’ve always dreamed of: a sunny day, a beautiful dress, a gorgeous cake, and a chapel filled with flowers, friends, family, and the one you love. But, how do you get there when your mom is miffed, your fiancée feels left out, your bridesmaid isn’t speaking to you, and your future in-laws want to bring their grandkids.

In a smart and savvy way, Dr. Rita coaches and cheer-leads you on to self-affirming and helpful beliefs:


  • This is your wedding, but is also significant for the family

  • Prepare yourself for unexpected dissension

  • Don't get in the middle between your parents & his

  • The fighting between you & your parents is healthy

  • Pre-wedding jitters are normal – this marriage is a new enterprise

  • Never say anything negative to your partner about his family

  • Don't lose sight of your partner during engagement – talk!

18 Tips that show examples and how to handle difficult situations.


Fun Quizzes pinpoint potential personal issues.


Easy to read, portable – take it with you!



This is an informative and pleasurable read for everyone involved with getting married. Dr. Rita is right on when she gives you advice such as:


Five Quick Ways to Save the Psyche of Any Bride-To-Be

  • Expect turmoil instead of perfection

  • Protect your relationship with your fiancé

  • Balance between your desires and the family’s needs

  • Initiate a policy of sealed lips about your in-laws

  • Relax, have fun, and keep yor focus on love in marriage

How to Screw Up Your Marriage or Save It

Seven Easy Steps


You attempted to change yourself, and you tried to change him. You’ve been to marriage counselors or therapists, learning how to communicate, how to be sensitive, how to be assertive, how to get along, and yet, nothing seems to be improving. You bicker bitterly. You’re always angry, or you just don’t care anymore. Sex went flying out the window after the honeymoon. You used to look forward to seeing her after work, but now you can’t wait to get away. Your iPhone has more magic for you than he does.  You’re at the end of your rope! This is not what you expected from marriage. You feel trapped, you cry into your pillow or the arms of your lover. What to do?

With all of this in mind, I have developed a solution. What follows is a simple formula for achieving an inevitable divorce. When you heed my advice and apply these SEVEN EASY WAYS I can guarantee your success!  The ultimate benefit of this manual is that you will not be blamed for the break-up of your marriage.

On the other hand, should you decide to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE, the author, Rita Bigel-Casher, LCSW, PhD, a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist, media personality and author of BRIDE’S GUIDE TO EMOTIONAL SURVIVAL, has a lot to teach you.

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