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Dynamic Psychotherapy


The Purpose
We are in this world for a moment or two and deserve to live it with serious light-heartedness. Sometimes we get stuck. Learning who we are, what is our hidden potential, what 
our unique resources within us are, all helps us to unfold and thrive regardless of outside circumstances. The work of psychotherapy is not for the faint of heart– whether individual or couple work. People appreciate a professional with integrity and warmth that makes them feel secure in the process. Therapy that’s constructive depends on the skill and experience of your therapist. The chemistry between you and your therapist is vital–it mirrors your fit, and will yield the results you desire.


The Way​​
Dynamic dialogues and effective treatment can take place not only in an office, but also on the Telephone, as well as Online with Video Conferencing ZOOM or Face Time, where face-to-face contact is intact and personal.  In the right hands, with the right fit, you can work things out anywhere.



In addition to her LCSW licensure as a New York City Psychotherapist, Dr. Rita Bigel-Casher holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology. Working in corporate settings for many years, has provided her with a deep understanding of the complexities that people confront in the business world.


Dr. Rita works as briefly as possible, focusing on solutions and problem-solving. She has developed a unique and distinctive interactive approach serving those in need.


“Over the years, Relationship Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR Trauma/Loss Therapy have become my specialty. Why? Because the joy in life depends on two factors: Our ability to connect intimately in meaningful relationships, with ourself and others, 
and our capacity to create a passionate work experience. When either of those areas is mutilated by trauma, abuse or loss, it must be overcome–otherwise symptoms take over and threaten the quality of one's life.


First and foremost, is the development of an effective, secure collaborative relationship between therapist and client. This engenders an environment where you can open more deeply to yourself and others. Treatment is tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Just as a healthy diet is essential to a growing child, a flexible therapeutic approach leads to a positive therapeutic outcome. I consider myself a Coach for Better Living. Together we decide what works, what to work on, and which approach will produce the most comfortable and effective result. Our success makes my work inspiring and heartwarming. Please give me a chance to see what we can do together.”

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