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Everyone experiences some form of trauma in life. We are geared to deal with disturbing events when they are of manageable intensity–occurrences such as an insignificant car accident, minimal victimization by a robbery, losing a loved one in a reasonable manner say from old age, or losing a job. We tend to grow stronger as we learn to master these difficulties. After a while, the shock and pain wear off and we feel good again, and find functional ways to move forward.


Every now and then the trauma we experience is too intense and overwhelming for our nervous system to resolve on its own–perhaps there is a pre-existing condition or childhood situation that has not prepared the individual sufficiently, or the quality of the trauma is just too enormous, such as in the case of the Twin Towers Terrorist Attacks, or if the loss of a loved one or a pet is too soon, or when there has been physical violation, or when the trauma has unrelenting physical or emotional consequences. In such cases the hippocampus in the brain that would normally allow us to integrate and process memory and trauma gets stuck. This results in Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and we can develop unrelenting symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and guilt.


EMDR is a revolutionary method for treating trauma and loss within the context of Teletherapy sessions that speeds up emotional relief. EMDR is now available Telephonically as well. Controlled scientific studies continually prove EMDR’s effectiveness. It works!


“I can help. Together we can work things out.”


EMDR is basically a simple and brief method requiring the skill of an artist with a fine clinical background. Each clinician brings his or her own style and professional experience into the mix, and each client is different. EMDR Therapy sessions are always unique for each individual and couple, and can be emotionally intense. An upsetting memory or a single issue can often be defused and lasting relief achieved in one to three sessions.



After a six-year case of relentless insomnia connected to a rape incident, I was completely cured after three sessions. I began as a skeptic and left enlightened and lighter.


I am continually excited by this work. EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing that only means there is this revolutionary way of doing therapy that helps you with your stuck feelings and distressing symptoms (depression, nightmares, fears, anxiety, sexual and emotional issues, abuse experiences, career and relationship problems) using the latest body-mind therapy techniques. Yes, the mind and body are one entity. The back and forth eye movements (similar to how your eyes move during REM sleep) help the brain work through a complicated set of painful memories, body sensations and emotions. Eye movements are only one of the sensory modalities that work well for clients. Other sensory modalities such as auditory and kinesthetic bi-lateral stimulation–listening to special music or gentle hand tapping achieve equally powerful results. When we work on the phone or with video, I provide my client with the tools necessary to perform Remote EMDR with a wonderful outcome.


We talk, we decide what problem needs to be resolved, we figure out its connection to the past or the present, we picture it, recall a memory that represents the issue, focus on the emotions that accompany it, the physical sensations connected to it–and then we use a non-invasive tool to stimulate your left/right brain communication.


Why is this essential to healing? Trauma resides in the body and the mind both emotionally and physically. Eye movements, as well as sound or touch release the part of the brain that contains the trapped trauma. This is no Band-Aid solution. Results are lasting. Like an ice cube on a hot sidewalk, EMDR treatment melts away symptoms fast.



When I started working with Dr. Rita I carried a heavy load of bricks. Each time that I hang up from one of our sessions I leave behind another one or two bricks. My load is getting lighter and my life is getting better.




I had never felt self-confident. It seemed like I wasn’t supposed to shine. I knew I had a lot of problems, but years of therapy didn’t really change anything. During EMDR Teletherapy I "saw" my abusive father towering over me, but then spontaneously "saw" myself grow in size until I was eye-to-eye with him. Dr. Rita made me feel safe and we moved slowly so that I could integrate my new learning. I finally realized that Dad really was the one who had the problem. The shift in the picture corresponds to changes in how I feel about myself, my new belief in my right to shine in the world, and life is easier.



After years of therapy elsewhere, EMDR saved my life!



I had been in therapy for a while with someone I liked very much, and I got a lot out of it. But still, there were issues that just weren’t getting resolved. My therapist suggested EMDR in conjunction with the work we were doing. The foundation I had developed with my therapist rocketed me to new levels of understanding when coupled with EMDR with Dr. Bigel-Casher. The material that emerged was then easily integrated with my regular therapist and I finally made the kind of strides that I always imagined I could make. What a relief!






An EMDR session can enhance inner resources or process traumatic experiences. The following instructions that Dr. Rita provides can offer an experience that I was able to create and enjoy on my own.


I suggest that you sit in a comfortable chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Put your hands uncrossed in your lap, and begin to use gentle alternative tapping like window washers going back and forth.


The tapping is a way to stimulate left and right brain activity. While in this position, you can install a positive resource that will help ground you, and which you can then call up at will.


Think of a place where you would feel safe. It can be real, or it can be imaginary. It can be a place you’ve been or a place to which you’d like to go. Use all of your senses to experience this place. See it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it.


Once you have your focus there, start the tapping for about one minute. Then stop and ask yourself what is it like to be in this place. Look around. What do you see?  Listen. What do you hear? What do you feel?


Just notice what it’s like to feel safe. Do a few more sets of taps, and see how you are.


This example is indicative of how an EMDR session works. I have a variety of sophisticated Telephonic auditory, visual and tactile tools to increase the intensity and efficacy of this work. A vast clinical experience allows me to assist you in a manageable way to resolve trauma and clear impediments to a peaceful, happy life.

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