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In the beginning, psychotherapy was a one-way dialogue, lying on the couch, facing a wall, and a silent unseen clinician behind one’s head. We’ve come a long way from the analytic format to the more accessible interactive dance of dialogue through relationship, to help us to make sense of our lives. The field has changed dramatically because of technology, where the therapeutic relationship can be maintained, and even enhanced, on the Internet and telephone with wonderful results.


Teletherapy: Available at your convenience. Many people feel less inhibited speaking within familiar surroundings in their own home, car or office.


Face-To-Face Skype and Face Time Therapy: Video Conferencing now makes it possible to see and hear each other long distance, utilizing free software and free internet telephone service.

“My extensive experience with Telephone and Online Counseling and Therapy, both personally and professionally, has brought emotional stability and symptom resolution to an amazing array of clients living throughout the USA and other parts of the world. People enjoy the geographic flexibility that remote access offers – available at your convenience, and hassle-free. The outcome is just as effective as when I work from my Manhattan or Boca office. Despite the fact that we are not in the same room, you feel connected to me because I have a knack for making you comfortable and for discerning your emotional energy. Many people feel less inhibited speaking from the safety of their own home or office.”


Visual contact, though useful, is not more important to a good therapeutic outcome than other sensory modalities, such as the auditory, vocal, emotional or kinesthetic. Dr. Bigel-Casher’s skill in creating a comfort level, in any venue, will permit you to be at ease as well.

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